History of Jesus Is Lord Mission 

Jesus Is Lord Mission Society (JILM) is evidence that a small group of mission-passionate people can made a big difference with the Lord’s help. Since 2002, LCMS Office of International Mission and its global partners have been blessed through the faithful support of JILM. We give thanks for how God has used more than $3 million in gifts:

• to equip national workers, pastors, evangelists, and educators; 

• to enable churches to be planted and worship centers built; and 

• to allow the Gospel to be shared in 30 nations with many people 

‍    coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

JILM’s name is taken from Philippians 2:  “that every knee may bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ Is Lord!” JILM remains a volunteer organization, directing all of its support—both prayer and financial gifts—toward LCMS Office of International Mission (OIM). In this partnership, LCMS OIM proposes a number of mission projects from which JILM members can choose several to support with their prayers and gifts.

Dr. Glenn OShoney, former LCMS Office of International Mission executive director and Texas District president, explains the beginning of JILM:  “In 2002, four families met in my home in Walburg, Texas, and together pledged to do something to help the mission of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod be about its task of reaching the lost with the Good News of Christ the Savior. The mission society was born. Zion Lutheran Church of Walburg took a bold step of faith and agreed to be our host congregation. From there, the founding four couples began making phone calls and writing letters to enlist other mission-passionate people. Today, we have over 500 members in 40 states, a large number of whom are pastors.”

When asked why he became a JILM member, Pastor Norbert Oesch of Tustin, California, explained, “My wife and I are highly committed to LCMS Office of International Mission! We also recognize that the missions arm of LCMS doesn’t receive funds for all the work they want to do. We know JILM isn’t a maverick organization, but is connected to the strategic plan of the Synod. We know JILM operates with next-to-no overhead with a focus on specific projects for LCMS Office of International Mission. And finally, I trust the leadership and know that any investment made through JILM will be handled with the greatest care.” 

Dr. Glenn OShoney

JILM Membership

Membership in JILM is open to individuals, a family, or an organization (church, school, LWML group or Bible Class). Each organization receives a single vote, held in the name of a representative of that organization. The only requirement for membership is to make a gift each year to JILM. 

JILM annually selects projects to be funded each fiscal year, beginning July 1. Members vote by making selections from a variety of projects presented by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Office of International Mission.

JILM Steering Committee

Elected Steering Committee members serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Authority is given to appoint two additional Members-at-Large for a one-year term. Primary responsibility for maintaining the affairs of JILM between annual meetings rests with the Steering Committee. This group also serves as the nominating committee for elected positions. They meet on a regular basis to celebrate, rejoice, pray, praise and give thanks to God for all gifts received and distributed to fund the projects that are adopted each year.

JILM has many volunteers who tirelessly give their time to count and record gifts received, and to write personal thank-you notes to every donor. They also represent JILM in a variety of settings as requested including conventions and local meetings, church festivals, Bible Classes and similar functions. JILM has no paid personnel. Only 5% of the gifts received is used for publicity materials and postage. JILM occasionally assists missionaries who visit to share news about their work and the challenges they face. God has blessed JILM with a dedicated group of servants whose desire is to see the name of Jesus Christ proclaimed.

JILM Steering Committee Members, 2020-2021

Rev. Wilbern Michalk, President

Rev. Paul Howe, Vice President

Joyce Best, Secretary and Newsletter Editor

Alber Walther, Treasurer

Bettie Horn Bendewald, Member-at-Large

Mary Ann Brown, Member-at-Large and Volunteer Coordinator

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